Buying Your First Laser Resistor Trimming System

RapiTrim laser resistor trimming systems combine modern hardware and software with worldwide support.

Important factors to address when buying your first laser resistor trimming system

Resistor trimming systems are defined by each customer’s unique needs. Typical questions answered during the selection process revolve around cycle times, probing and testing options, laser type, active versus passive measurement, automation and fixturing.  PPI Systems offers standard systems as well as full customization for high and lower volume production needs.  All systems are designed for easy, turnkey installation.

Your Investment

The RapiTrim series of laser resistor trimming systems have been designed from the ground up using modern software and hardware, allowing PPI Systems to offer the most adaptable, fast and efficient solutions in the market.

When purchasing capital equipment, assurances are needed that systems can meet today’s and tomorrow’s applications. 

things to consider when buying your first resistor trimming system

RapiTrim has been designed with this in mind. Software is Windows 10 based and hardware includes the most up-to-date lasers, accurate, high speed beam control, automation and external instrument integration. Precision measurement using advanced probing methods. Built to meet any modern laser resistor trimming application.

Modern Laser Trimming Standard and Optional Features

Features include stack loaders, automated probe-tip exchange, custom fixturing, switching matrix, external instrument support, bar-code readers and process sequence customization.

Global Support

PPI Systems is dedicated to providing quality products along with efficient service and superior support, ensuring optimum performance and productivity throughout the  service life of the drilling or trimming systems.

  • With world-wide representation, PPI Systems provides on-site installation and training services to support customers on every continent.
  • Remote connection tools allow our engineers to connect directly with the system to see first-hand what is being experienced.  This tool allows PPI Systems to provide timely assistance and resolution of issues, minimizing the requirement of a more costly on-site service visit.
  • The operational flexibility of the systems allows a PPI solution to perfectly match each unique application.

Through training and helpful reference materials, PPI Systems will assist you through project definition, custom design (if needed), deployment and post-installation support.