Aerospace Component

Laser drilling and trimming systems allow aerospace component manufacturers to improve performance and reduce the size and weight of components.

Laser Resistor Trimming and Laser Via Drilling in the Aerospace Market

Printed circuit boards and hybrid circuits for aerospace component manufacturers have an ever-increasing demand for higher technical performance and reliability at an affordable cost. In addition, they are required to perform in severe conditions which may include extremes in temperature, humidity, vibration and impact as well as survive in harsh environmental conditions such as salt spray, blowing sand, dust, and solar radiation.

Laser Resistor Trimming for Aerospace Components

To increase aerospace component precision, many components that require calibration such as pressure or temperature sensors may be laser trimmed to tolerance targets.  Components include thick or thin-film resistors on ceramic circuit substrates or SMD resistors.  Laser trimming has the benefit of allowing the functional adjustment of output parameters of the component or circuit and not just a resistance value.  A higher reliability can be achieved with hybrid circuits due to the reduction in solder interfaces.  Additional advantages include costs reductions, substrate space savings and full in-line trimming without a long tuning time, all of which are critical in aviation and aerospace applications.

PPI’s RapiTrim turnkey solutions provide the process control and accuracy to meet the demanding qualification requirements of the aerospace industry. 

Laser resistor trimming

Laser Via Drilling for Aerospace Components

Weight and size limitations on avionic components require that HDI multi-layered boards are used.  These have layers of circuits that are connected by laser drilled blind micro vias leaving more space for components on the board surface, and facilitates unimpeded routing of signals on inner layers.  The result is a much smaller board size and layer count compared with mechanical drilled PCBs, and an equivalent drop in cost.  The precision and process control provided by laser solutions also ensure that the reliability of the resulting component meets the tough requirements found in aerospace manufacturing facilities.

PPI’s ProVia systems deliver the precision and flexibility to meet the demands of tomorrow’s advanced PCB materials and build-up constructions.

Resistor trimming in the aerospace industry

Common aerospace components involving laser drilling and trimming include:

  • Radio communication systems
  • Aircraft avionics
  • Radar Installations
  • Power converters
  • Power supplies
  • LED lighting systems
  • Instrumentation
  • Control tower systems
  • Instrumentation
  • Temperature and pressure sensors
  • Audio Interface applications
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