ProVia FP-C

Drilling and Cutting System

ProVia laser via drilling system
ProVia laser via drilling system

Single CO2 laser system, providing high repetition rate, high peak power for drilling and cutting dielectric material.

ProVia FP-C laser drilling systems provide a high peak power RF-excited CO2 .  The CO2  spot size is continuously variable using a programmable zoom telescope.


System Features Include:

laser via driller autoloader
  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface with ProSys operating software.
  • Advanced Beam Positioning and Laser Pulse Control provide high throughput, accuracy, and process stability.
  • Auto-Calibration functions ensure repeatable quality.
  • Extensive System Diagnostics continuously monitor all critical components and machine performance.
  • Sealed Beam Delivery protects optics from process debris, extending component lifetimes
  • Active Pulse Shaping to provide precise control on a pulse-by-pulse basis.
  • Touchscreen operation (full HD size).
  • Automatic Run-time Calibration means no operator intervention is required for an entire batch.

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