Laser Resistor Trimming

High accuracy laser trim. Precision process control.

The Applications Lab at PPI is available to process your samples and demonstrate the precise control over the trim measurements and laser process built into the RapiTrim equipment.  Whether your interest is precision components, advanced hybrid circuits or embedded passives in PCBs, PPI has the solution.


RapiTrim systems process thick film and thin film resistors on virtually any substrate.  Precise laser control allows clean resistor removal without damage to the substrate.  PPI offers a choice of three wavelengths (IR, green or UV) to solve your most demanding application.

Thin Film

Single and double plunge trims in thin-film material.

Thin film trimmed resistor
thin film trimmed resistor

Thick Film

Double plunge and L-vernier trim in thick film material.

Thick film trimmed resistor
thick film trimmed resistor

Precision Trim Control

A green laser is used for high precision symmetric scan trims (top) and ladder rungs followed by serpentine trims (bottom) in thin film materials.

resistor shave trim
Precision resistor trim control

Shave Trim

Asymmetric shave trim in thin-film and asymmetric shave trim in thick-film material.

resistor trim shave trim
thick film resistor shave trim

Serpentine Trim

Serpentine trims in thin-film and thick-film material.

Serpentine resistor trim
serpentine resistor trim

Custom Trims

Serpentine trims are one type of custom trim possible. Shown is a corner of a U-cut shaved from the outside of the resistor.

custom resistor trimming

Flying Probe Measurement

Proprietary flying probe technology achieves volume production throughput with no limitations on design rules or test pad density.

flying probe tester

Automated DXF Import

Intuitive graphical user interface streamlines job creation from DXF and other data sources, linking components with trim and measurement libraries.

Automated dxf import
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